About the of Islamic Primary School Sponsoring Body

Our school sponsoring body is the Chinese Muslim Cultural and Fraternal Association (CMCFA; Chinese: 中華回教博愛社), an Islamic organization in Hong Kong, with around 250,000 members. The group currently operates five different schools in Hong Kong.

The association was founded in 1922 at 7 Chan Tong Lane, Wan Chai. It was then incorporated as a charity organisation in 1963.

Our Religious Lessons

Our school conducts religious lessons once a week.  The curriculum emphasizes civil and moral topics that aim to nurture our students love of family and good citizenship.  Some topics related to the fundamentals of Islamic belief will also be discussed.  The religious studies curriculum was written by the core members of the CMCFA, Chinese Islamic scholars as well as teachers from the CMCFA operating schools. 

In order to facilitate student’s Muslim belief, the school offers noon prayers, Quran classes and Islamic Day.

Even though the basic faith of our school is Islam, other cultures and religious faiths are appreciated.  Our goal is to create a racially harmonious learning environment for all.

Islamic Primary School
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