Our school is a government subsidized primary school. Our curriculum for all subjects is in accordance with the primary school curriculum guidelines set by the Department of Education. The language of instruction for all subjects is English, excepting Chinese languages instruction.

(1) Project Learning

In order to enhance the nine student generic skill areas, student study skills, and encourage independent learning, the school has a systematic arrangement for learning, including: thematic learning; subject based project learning; and cross-curricular project learning. Students are required to collect data for suitable topics as well as organize, analyze, summarize and present their findings to other students.

(2) Life Wide Learning

To broaden students' horizons and (give them practical life experience) increase their extra-curricular knowledge (interests), our school arranges a number of field (trips) experiences to encourage students to learn from the real world. These include: interviewing people; visiting the Lunar Chinese New Year Fair; visits focusing on certain subjects; education camps; study tours, and other service (specially arranged) learning experiences.

(3) Cooperative Learning

To facilitate better teacher-student and student-student interaction, and in turn increase learning effectiveness, our school employs cooperative learning activities in the classroom. Students engage in small group discussions, activities, sharing and reflection to create a positive learning atmosphere.

(4) Formative Assessment

A number of formative assessments are used to enable effective student learning review and ensure teachers follow up after each unit. The checks allow teachers to see how well students have mastered the knowledge as well as give relevant feedback.

(5) Reading to Learn

To encourage students' reading, a number of reading incentive programs have been created that include twice a week reading lessons and shared reading between teachers and students. Library lessons allow students to learn new reading skills. To encourage students to cultivate a good reading habit, the school's library is open for reading or borrowing books at recess, lunch and after school.

(6) STEM Day

In order to encourage creative thinking, we have implemented STEM day at each term.  STEM(science, technology, engineering, mathematics) is an integration of different disciplinary learning.  Through varies learning activities, students are cultivated to be creative and solve problems by problem solving skill.

(7) Cross-boundary Learning Trip

To broaden students horizon, cross-boundary learning trip is arranged every year.  Students can understand others' culture through cultural exchange activities.  As a 21st century global citizen, it is essential to know about the world.

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