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2018-02-07EDB announces early Chinese New Year holidays for kindergartens and primary schools

2018-01-31Parents’ Day

Date: 2nd February 2018(Friday)


  1. Pictures, samples of pupils' school work and projects will be displayed on the ground floor.  You can visit the book stalls with educational books. The English room located on 5th floor (Rm.507) is also open for everyone to visit.
  2. Please attend appointments punctually to avoid overcrowding.  Each meeting will be approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Academic reports must be signed by parents and returned to class teachers by 5th February 2018. Academic reports will be issued on 5th February 2018 to those parents who have not attended Parents' Day.

2017-11-23School Picnic

School Picnic

2017-10-04Mid-Autumn Festival cum Dress Casual Day

Mid-Autumn Festival cum Dress Casual Day

2017-10-04Prefect Training

Prefect Training

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