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2018-03-22Sports Day Brochure

2018-03-22Demonstration video for Parent-child game

2018-03-22Sports Day 2017-2018

Date: 27th March 2018(Tuesday)
Venue:  Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground (Tuen Mun) 
Gathering Time:

A. 8:10a.m.

B. Students taking the school bus will have the normal arrangement.

C. Students (not taking the school bus) will gather at school at 8:10a.m. as usual.
Dismissal Time: 1:00p.m. For children whose parents attend, there will be a dismissal at the sports ground with parents; otherwise there will be normal dismissal at school. (homing team arrangement is available)
Dress: P.E. Uniform and sports shoes (including participating parents)
Drinks: Permitted, no glass containers will be allowed in the sports ground.
Other Remarks:

A)  Attendance is mandatory.  Sick-leave must be made for absentees. 

B)  Do not bring MP3s, electronic devices or mobile phones.

C)  For parents admission is by ticket only.

D)  Early leave is not recommended.

2018-02-07Advancement of Chinese New Year Holidays

   In view of the latest development of seasonal influenza and to minimize the spread of influenza within schools, the Education Bureau announced that the Chinese New Year Holiday for all kindergartens, kindergarten cum child care centres, primary schools and special schools (excluding Schools for Social Development with secondary section only) would be advanced to start from 8 February.  The arrangements of our school are as follows:

  1. The Chinese New Year Holiday for our school is from 8 February (Thursday) to 25 February (Sunday).  Lunar New Year Holiday is also included in the period mentioned.
  2. To meet practical needs during the non-scheduled school holidays, we will arrange an adequate staff to handle school affairs and answer parents' enquiries, and clean and disinfect the school premises.  If necessary, the school premises will remain open to take care of those students who would be unattended at home and have to return to school.  If parents are unable to arrange their relatives or friends to take care of their children, please contact our teacher Ms Kwok (Tel. No.: 2450 2270) for the arrangement of sending their children back to school. 
  3. During the holidays, parents should note the following measures to prevent your children from being infected as far as possible:
    • To maintain good personal hygiene and cover nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing and wash hands thoroughly afterwards;
    • To maintain good indoor ventilation;
    • To build up good body immunity by maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly and taking adequate rest; and
    • To avoid going to crowded or poorly ventilated public places.
  4. The original scheduled students' / parents' activities during this period will be cancelled.
  5. During the holidays, we will provide appropriate learning support to students for them to make good use of time.
  6. If you have any enquiries, please contact Ms Kwok (Tel: 2450 2270).

2018-02-07EDB announces early Chinese New Year holidays for kindergartens and primary schools

2018-01-31Parents’ Day

Date: 2nd February 2018(Friday)


  1. Pictures, samples of pupils' school work and projects will be displayed on the ground floor.  You can visit the book stalls with educational books. The English room located on 5th floor (Rm.507) is also open for everyone to visit.
  2. Please attend appointments punctually to avoid overcrowding.  Each meeting will be approximately 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Academic reports must be signed by parents and returned to class teachers by 5th February 2018. Academic reports will be issued on 5th February 2018 to those parents who have not attended Parents' Day.

2017-11-23School Picnic

School Picnic

2017-10-04Mid-Autumn Festival cum Dress Casual Day

Mid-Autumn Festival cum Dress Casual Day

2017-10-04Prefect Training

Prefect Training

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