1. Students use different learning strategies

a. P.1-6 students can solve mathematics word problems by using the following learning strategies:

1. Pictures

2. Information selection

3. Keywords


b. Enhance the following learning strategies at all levels:

P.1-2: Diagrams

P.3-4: Verification/ Checking

P.5: Estimating

P.6: Notetaking


2. Develop e-learning

a. Use QR codes to facilitate student learning in mathematics unit exercises.

b. Develop e-learning teaching in P.4 using Google Classroom, GeoGebra.

c. Enrich e-learning resource banks to design extended learning activities.


3. Maths Game

Specific learning strategies-problem solving strategies will be taught throughout P1 to P6 (e.g. Reverse Thinking, Exhaustive Method), going from easy examples in order to train students to apply the same strategies to more difficult/complicated in problems.


4. Display students’ self-directed learning work

    Students’ work will be shared and displayed in the classroom.


5. Self-directed learning Strategies Learning Games

    Optimize the design of covered playground display board, incorporating self-directed learning elements into the display materials


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