School Information

Supervisor 哈喜昌 Mr. Ha Hay Cheong
  1. 楊義護 Yeung Yee Woo, Ebrahim (Sponsoring Body Manager)
  2. 薩成顯 Sat Sing Hin, Saadullah (Sponsoring Body Manager)
  3. 馬笑雲 Ma Siu Wen (Sponsoring Body Manager)
  4. 哈奇偉 Ha Kay Wai, Harry (Sponsoring Body Manager)
  5. 脫新敏 Tuet Sun Man, Sherifa Ali (Sponsoring Body Manager)
  6. 馬慧斯 Ma Wai Sze, Aceya (Sponsoring Body Manager)
  7. 張大恩 Cheung Tai Yan (Alternate Sponsoring Body Manager)
  8. 伍瑞蘭 Ng Sui Lan (Headmistress)
  9. 莫漢威 Mok Hon Wai (Teacher Manager)
  10. 高德燕 Ko Tak Yin (Alternate Teacher Manager)
  11. Afzal Nazia(Parent Manager)
  12. 韓月杰 Hon Yuet Kit(Alternate Parent Manager)
  13. 黃依華 Wong Eva (Independent Manager)
Headmistress Ms. Ng Sui Lan
Founding Organization The Chinese Muslim Cultural and Fraternal Association
Founded in 1980
School Motto Well Educated & Love Others
Principles Our goal is to foster in our students an appreciation for the following principles:
  • Morality
  • Intellectual Development
  • Physical Fitness
  • Team Spirit
  • Art Appreciation
  • Emotional Well Being

We strive to provide the very best learning environment for our students. In order to accomplish this, we first of all encourage a high professional standard for our teachers. Moreover, through our curriculum and extra curricular activities and community projects, we also encourage our students to become risk takers; to develop a positive outlook and to become responsible and respectful individuals.

Religion Islam
School Category Subsidized (Whole Day)
Medium of 
Chinese and English

English Subjects for Non-Chinese students : English Language, Mathematics and General Studies

Chinese Subjects : Chinese Language, Visual Arts and Music


Rooms are air-conditioned with multi-media equipment :

  • Classrooms
  • Computer Rooms
  • Multi-media Learning Room
  • Language Room
  • Audio-visual Room
  • Students' Activities Centre
  • Religious Room
  • Library
  • Hall
  • Music Room
  • IRTP (Intensive Remedial Teaching Program) Classrooms


Basketball Court

Covered Playground

Islamic Primary SchoolTel : 24502270Fax : 26186424
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